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Service Themes

“What will I accomplish this year?” 

This is a question many of us would have asked ourselves before. For some years, we had a full list of answers, but for others, we had no answer at all. 

The latter can definitely feel demoralising, especially if the people around us did incredible things like getting married, winning competitions or starting a business.

While we’re happy for our friends and family, we can’t help but feel disappointed when we compare their achievements with our uneventful lives. 

Reading the stories of those unnamed Bible characters can remind us that God can use the little acts of “unimportant” people to accomplish great things.

For if God used these characters who weren’t even important enough to have their names recorded in history, He can and likely has also used our “insignificant” acts for His great purposes. 

During and after the services the church provides refreshments for all those joining us. Cross and bible


Come and find out more about Ebed-Melek or Ananias or Joanna or some who aren't even given a name in the Bible stories.