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Service Themes

We will be looking at the story of the foolish and wise builders this week.  Do join us at 11 am in the school hall.  After this we shall be holding our Annual District Council Meeting.  A time to review the past year and to appoint our leaders to take us into the coming year and make plans.

During and after the services the church provides refreshments for all those joining us. Cross and bible

Over the next few months we are presenting a series of sermons on ''The Stories that Jesus told''.  These will look at the parables of Jesus, in the order in which he gave them, and bring out the key lessons on what they mean for us today.

Stories Jesus told

May 1st – Communion – Brian. New cloth and new wine.  Am I fit for purpose?

Matthew 9: 16-17. Luke 5: 36-38 Mark 2: 21-21

May 8th  - Roy – Lamp under bushel. Light my fire! Matthew 5: 14-16

May 15th - John –  The wise and foolish builders. What do I want to build on my rock?  

Matthew 7: 24-29 Luke 6: 47-49

We will be holding our Annual District Council Meeting at the end of the service.

May 22nd -   Carolyn – Debtors and creditors. Luke 7: 36-50

May 29th – Andy – The rich fool. Am I living my life generously? 

Luke 12: 13-21


June 5th – Communion – Brian. The alert servants. How great are my expectations? Luke 12: 35- 40

June 12th  -   Sally. The Faithful steward. What’s my view? Luke 12: 41-48

June 19th  - Roy. The Fig tree without figs. How long has my clock been ticking? Luke 13:  1-9

June 26th  - Andy. Parable of the sower. How can I help spread the word?

Matthew 13: 1-9. Luke 8: 4-8 Mark 4: 1-9


July 3rd  - Parable of the weeds.  What is obstructing us?  

Matthew 13:24- 30

July 10th - Parable of the growing seed. An act of faith.  Mark 4: 26-29

July 17th - Parable of the mustard seed. Look up and look in.

 Matthew 13: 31-33. Mark 4: 30-32 Luke 13: 18 -21

July 24th - Parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl. Where does heaven rank on my wish list?

Matthew 13: 44-46

July 31st - Parable of the net. How secure is our faith? Matthew 13:  47-50


August 7th - The Master and his servant.  Luke 17: 5- 10

August 14th  - The Unmerciful servant. I can’t forget but can I forgive? 

Matthew 18:  21- 35

August 21st - The good Samaritan. Is God calling me to be a good neighbour?

Luke 10: 25-37

August 28th - A friend in need.  Luke 11: 1 -13